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Im doing free commissions, so shut the fuck up.

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How come you do not take messages?

Parents told me not to. They say its unsafe

@DevilRat @C4nc3lCultur3 Huh, it's odd having helicopter parents despite you being being I am just assuming seventeen? ._. I always so this website as fairly NSFW-y hints kind of why I am the rat of being a devil. Then again I don't get much messages, but makes it easier to track through... I am only saying helicopter for age of seventeen. Though it's shocking to have a newgrounds at the age, then again what I know about Geometry dash, it's a mobile game ported to PC and has compatible with Newgrounds audio....

GD is full of actually amazing creators. People like Reunomi, who creates actual cityscape art, or Knots, The king of Modern levels. on a side note,Im 13 lol

@DevilRat I would have never seen this amazing website if it wasnt for GD. But sometimes, I get kinda low self esteem and I dont really feel like drawing most of the time.

@C4nc3lCultur3 For me, I practice and try to now days focus on quality.... Digital paintings is kind of a study for color and edges for me.....

@DevilRat @C4nc3lCultur3 @C4nc3lCultur3 Oh explains a whole lot... Just remember to disable A and M for me due to I do have plans for.... The reason I draw a ton of cityscape, landscape, and is mostly backgrounds.... Though I have and do work on NSFW. That's kind of why I even once straight up put that in my News Feeds before. ( I am assuming i may have deleted it )....

Watch Brooklyn Nine Nine on Netflix.

@C4nc3lCultur3 For me. I was an early 2000's boy. In the sense of, I visited this place in 2007-2010 as this is how I got exposed to the Mega Man series, including flash animation was ultra popular I remember the days when there was no NSFW blocks as a guest... Which got me into " trouble ".... Now days it is a link and that's it. I just find this modern internet is either too tame, or detrimental to you. If it weren't for Newgrounds I wouldn't have became a person into emulation and not been exposed to and played so much old video games. In a way Newgrounds was my childhood, and came back due to TMBLR purge. I don't ackowledge that website at all anymore.

In a different timeline if Tumblr didn't purge, I would have not been on this website or not been using it dominantly. Though like how I am now I have a hard, I won't post my content on youtube as by 2015+ I kind of resented youtube's policy changes as it hurts my content creators.

I kind of thank this website for desensitizing me to so much. It is kind of the same reason why I meme really hard in the forums occasionally.

Whats Tumblr

@DevilRat I meant that sarcistically

@C4nc3lCultur3 That website was what I consider a sort of first as sequel in how Newground tags worked. Being one of the best websites for tag use, but Newgrounds.... Though newgrounds has a more efficient age focused one. Having a hierarchy, while tumblr's was fairly similar... Though it worked like E-T stuff would be the general viewing, but the adult only was M-A. Though now it is bots trolling the flagging system. Though newgrounds is more specific. Though now it is a joke..... I agree with the sarcasm. Tumblr was shilled out and commited toaster bath ( picture the roblox meme )

Tumblr makes me laugh when they get attacked by 4chan. It is straight up one of the best things that has happened on the internet or the time 4chan trolled Steven Universe.... Newgrounds was my childhood, now my adulthood. One of the few platforms that I can get along with people on due to my nature. I see Twitter as social gambling without a benefit..... Your posting is always on the line, with nothing to gain, but everything to lose. I try to make sure I use block buttons on check marks. Verified account feature doesn't work past 15 what I remember.

@DevilRat @C4nc3lCultur3 @C4nc3lCultur3 Trying to find reviews for it, as I am typically very and harshly critical towards Netflix ever since they straight up baited me with Explained. Where I wanted a non-biased awesome documentary instead they made it a propaganda film about " MUH RIIIICH PEOPLE ", or the concerns me to even go near netflix due to the Cuties. They are things I can tolerate in this world. That isn't one of them. I may see Brookyln Nine Nine. To me I just want to make sure it isn't suspicious of traits that is not a propaganda soap box platform show.

It's a funny cop show known for its incredible cast.