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Im doing free commissions, so shut the fuck up.

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Good ol' Ireland!

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No question for me lol

Omg totally forgot about you
@PrinceArcher Favourite Vocaloid?

Being a mod is great because I get to help people around the site. A lot of folks hate me just because I'm a mod, but idgaf. They probably hate ANY form of authority anywhere in any manner and I'm HARDLY in a position of authority. I like sending people Christmas cards, helping with contests and fun things around the site, and banning racists.

Id love to be a mod someday.

@PrinceArcher @C4nc3lCultur3 Hatsune Miku, Gumi, Kagamine Rin and Len, Oliver, Megurine Luka, and IA(it pronounced ee-a)

I have a question to you too: what does it feel to be a supporter?

Its fun. I could finally change my name KyorkyBork to C4nc3lCultur3.

It sometimes makes me wonder if I would still be "hot" if I wasn't a dad.

Q: @Alesada: Favorite GD Level.
A: I Actually Don’t Know. I’ve Been Playing GD For Years. Around 3 Years. I’ve Played A Lot Of Levels.

I've been playing for about 4 years

why didn't you include me?

oops. @SirKaotik favorite musician?

Andy Samberg has been my favorite since 2009 A.D

@Illuminati65: Favourite Song?

What about my Nihilistic existence? <:(

Oopsie @DevilRat: Favourite Forum thread?

I have a couple.

Time Leaper by Hinkik

Lightmare by Creo

Windfall by TheFatRat

Fracture by Rukkus

Supernova by Xtrullor

The Falling Mysts by Dimrain47

Holography by garlagan

Infiltration by ParagonX9

10000 by ColBreakz

Lunar Abyss by Lchavasse

Iron God: Sakupen Hell Yes RMX by mr-jazzman

Snowy roads by Cursedsnake

Sinking Feeling by Waterflame

Exit This Earth's Atomosphere by Camellia

I really can't decide sry

Nhelv - Silentroom

If we're talking about EDM, there's one more song that goes into the list and isn't GD-related.

Morning Dew by Right Face

Also Freedom Dive by XI

That song is crazy good

@DevilRat @C4nc3lCultur3 The General " It's all porn " threat. lmfao, the only reason why because I am horny though it always was a funny thread or the other favourite thread " Oh snap! A froggy! Because someone posted Grindcore Frogs.

did ya see my rant on that thread about bronies

@DevilRat @C4nc3lCultur3 @C4nc3lCultur3 Not yet. <:X Though can I have some of that good shit though?